Caring for Humanity, One Soul at a Time

From Our Family to Yours, Welcome Home



The solidarity of our community has always been strong and committed, particularly in times when the needs of the congregation were the greatest. We have always worked towards our mission of ‘welcoming home’ all Muslims from all walks of life; to Care for Humanity, One Soul at a Time.

With the current challenges of transitioning back to normality after Covid-19, persisting as a congregation is more important now than ever.

Your Masjid needs your help.


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2024 Livestream Broadcast

Amidst the world going through unprecedented changes and adaptations, we are still doing our part to make you feel connected. If you cannot come to the Masjid, then let us bring the Masjid to your home! Join Shaykh Faisal and his students from around the world for these 2024 livestreams! Includes Seerah, Tafseer, Spirituality, and Dhikr on repeat to bring tranquility right into your homes. Also be sure to tune in to our Jumu'ah livestreams brought from the Masjid directly to your doorstep!