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May, 2021
As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

Amidst the disconnection that Covid-19 brought to our world, our dedicated Admin team has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the Masjid can be brought directly to the comfort of your homes. We are constantly pushing ourselves to improve our stream, trying new things everyday. Our goal is to raise the standard of Muslim Broadcasting to a level of excellence, one that you could be proud, happy, and fulfilled to watch.

It can be exhausting to operate at the level we do, and we need your support, both morally and financially, as we strive to reconnect the disconnected. Donations to this campaign will directly fund the livestream costs, allowing us to pay for streaming hardware and software, mitigate rising internet costs, camera and lightning equipment, and studio broadcast rigging.

Show your support by giving a private Donation:

You can also show your support by giving a public Donation
This is for if you would like your support to show up on the stream as soon as you donate (your name can still be Anonymous). The other viewers who are watching at the moment will see your donation. You are also able to write a message, for example a du’a or dedication, to go along with your support.

Why choose to publicly support?
Public support is moral support – and moral support is as important as any other. Every moment of the livestream broadcast, the Admin team are non-stop giving their all to ensure that the audio and video quality remains up to our high standards. If there is an interruption in our stream, our team is communicating with you in chat, keeping you up-to-date with the issues, while other team members rush to fix the problem. Outside of streaming, we are constantly researching into better equipment, upgrades, and best practices. We push ourselves and don’t settle for “good-enough”, oftentimes revisiting older content and re-rendering it at a higher production quality.

Public support is encouragement and motivation for us. It tells us, and other viewers, that you appreciate the work we are doing and the effort we are putting in. It tells us that you would like us to continue raising our standards and striving to improve.

How to Show Public Support
While we are streaming, at a time that is appropriate to show a public donation (for instance during a fundraising appeal, but not during a Khutbah) click on this link here:

You will also see us advertise the link in chat when it is a good time to publicly show your support.

When you click on the link it will send you to the page below. You have to click login before you can donate.

After clicking login, click on either YouTube or Facebook. Because you are coming from the livestream on our YouTube channel, most likely your YouTube credentials are saved on your device, so logging in is simple. Facebook will be simple too, provided you have used Facebook on your device before. Beyond that it doesn’t matter if you choose YouTube or Facebook.

You can also login directly through Paypal (the last option on the bottom row list)

Select your account name

You will then be returned back to Now that you are logged in, you can change your name to the correct spelling, or how you would like it to appear to other viewers. If you would like, you can also choose to type Anonymous.

You can type in your donated support in your preferred currency. It will however always display on our livestream in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Oftentimes when we give money for Almighty Allah SWT, we want our intentions to be pure and wholesome, and so we couple it with a du’a or a dedication, such that Almighty Allah SWT can Bestow Mercy and Bounties unto them. For instance, we can donate on behalf of the memory of our parents.

This is optional and you don’t need to write a message. You are welcome to also type in requests for du’a directly into chat without donating and Shaykh Faisal will always include it in the collective intention when we make our du’a together.

After clicking donate you are prompted to choose either PayPal or credit card. This is your preference, but PayPal might be easier for some. When you click on Pay you will follow their instructions.

You will be sent a notification saying that your donation is pending. Most likely it has gone through. You will know it was successful when you see your donation appear on the screen of our livestream.

We hope these steps were simple to follow. Please contact the admin staff if you are unsure about any of these steps at:

Thank you for your generous intentions. May Almighty Allah SWT Support and Enrich you many more times! Ameen.

Wa salaamu ‘alaykum