IFC Hiking Page

Start Location

All IFC Hikes start at the Islamic Forum of Canada (200 Advance Blvd, Brampton, ON).

We will leave 15 min after the allotted start time.


Who’s allowed to come:

  1. Men and Women
  2. Ages 13-60
  3. Under 13, and over 60 cannot attend without express approval previously arranged with the Master Hiker
  4. If you have any medical issue, please discuss with the Master Hiker ahead of time.


Islamic Attire is a given. Men: Covered from elbows to knees.  Women: Hijab and loose clothing from wrist to ankles.


  • Sturdy shoes or boots + Thick Socks
  • Not allowed: Sandals, open type shoes, dress shoes
  • Rain Conditions: Recommended: Rain proof Jacket, waterproof pants, water proof socks and shoes
  • Cold Weather: Make sure your shoes can handle dampness.

General Rule for Cold Weather:

Temperature Range Layers for Legs Layers for Upper Body Notes
Above 10C 1 1 Wet Gear
5 to10 C 1 2
0 to 5 1-2 2-3
-15 to 0 3-4 3-4
Below -15 n/a n/a Not Recommended for Hiking

Reference Material for cold weather hiking:


Tools to Bring Hiking:

  1. Edible Items
    1.  Breakfast
      1. Fruits (slice apples, strawberries, oranges, etc)
      2. Nuts
    2. Water
  2. Knapsack
  3. Water Canteen or a water bottle (500ml)
  4. Thermos(tea, coffee, hot chocolate)
  5. Knife
  6. Compass
  7. Cellphone for Emergencies
  8. Optional Items to Bring: Camera


  • Hikers will not leave any garbage behind while hiking
  • Hikers will be self sufficient and not require any gear or food from others
  • Hikers should be generally silent or speak in low volumes
  • Hikers should not be a disturbance when out in the wild.

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