Zakat Appeal


to Islamic Forum of Canada

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum Dear Brother / Sister,

The Islamic Forum of Ramadan wishes you and your family a happy, blessed and spiritually fulfilling Month of Ramadan.  With only a few days remaining in this blessed month, now is the time to pay your obligatory Zakaat and gain immense blessings Insha Allah.  In the month of Ramadan good deeds are multiplied by 700 times Insha Allah and fulfilling our Zakat obligations in this blessed month will purify our wealth and bring immense blessings in to our lives by the Mercy of Allah (SWT).  We have made it easy to fulfill your Zakat obligations.  To pay your Zakaat simply click on the link below and fill in the required information.

Click Here to Donate Your Zakaat Now

Earn your extra reward before this blessed month is over.  May Allah (SWT) shower you and your family with His infinite Blessings!

Jazak Allah,

Islamic Forum of Canada
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