SKS – Lifestyle of the Prophet (S) Seminar

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Prophet Muhammad (S) was a great man who had an amazing ability to shape and mold an entire nation. Allah (SWT) instilled in His last Prophet, traits that allowed Him (S) to influence those around Him (S).

In this Sacred Knowledge Seminar, Shaykh Faisal will talk about four key Prophetic traits : (1) Personal; (2) Family; (3) Traits in social gatherings; and (4) Leadership traits.

We need to understand these traits and implement them in our lives so we can elevate ourselves.

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Cost: $25

When: Sat March 26, 2016

Time: 9:00AM to 5PM

Where: Islamic Forum of Canada, 200 Advance Blvd, nearest intersection is Dixie and Steeles in Brampton.