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SKS Live Stream- The Millionaires Who Will Enter Paradise

Balancing the Best of Both Worlds (Deen & Dunya)

Love of Dunya (material world) has nothing to do with how much you have but, how much you love it in relation to how much you love Allah (Deen). As long as you love Allah more, you can be the richest person in the world and the Dunya will not distract you from your Deen. A wealthy person giving charity may be more spiritual than a homeless person begging because one is focused on his Deen and the other is focused on what little he has (Dunya).

Dunya lived in accordance with Deen is Ibaadah which is the path towards Paradise. If you love the Dunya for the right reasons, you will achieve success in this world and the next.

Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak will speak about how to balance our lives to attain the best of both worlds.

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